Calgary Plays It Safe with Dobbie

Calgary did the right thing, Monday. The team re-signed Dane Dobbie to a one-year contract. The forward has a tremendous amount of skill and the prime of his career is still to come, but there's more that factors into this equation than just talent.

Dobbie was fantastic in his first few seasons. He had at least 75 points from 2009 to 2011. Things changed in 2012 when he managed just 50. A big reason for the lower output was injuries that kept him out for over a month of the season. Though Dobbie came back and was still very effective (42 points in the final nine games) the risk of reinjury is always there. It's smart for the Roughnecks to play it safe because they have options.

Calgary is filled with prolific laxers like Shawn Evans. He led a group of six Roughnecks that scored over 50 points, including Dobbie. With a group of guys that know how to find the back of the net, there's no reason for this team to panic in handling the lefty. If he has a big year with no injuries, you can still pay him the money.