2013 Preview: Boston Cannons

It was all set up fror Boston last season. Championship weekend was in Boston, Paul Rabil was coming off an outstanding regualr season and back-to-back titles looked within reach. That is, until Cheskapeake showed up and knocked the Cannons out in the semifinals

What's Changed?: Not much. If you're going to mention something, I guess it would be Colin Briggs. Otherwise the roster is almost identical to 2012, which is a good thing when coming off of a 9-5 season.

Biggest Area of Concern: Defense. Jordan Burke's shown he can be a solid goal and we know Boston can score. But if Burke's not getting any help back there, it doesn't really matter. The Cannons defense needs to tighten up to save give them a chance.

Biggest Strength: Paul Rabil and Ryan Boyle. The pair combined for 130 points last season. Boston can flat out put up points, especially these two. If a defense allows them to have their way…watch out.

Projected Record: 9-5. Boston will find it's way to championship weekend once again. The only question is, will it have better luck?