Weekend Forecast

Here's a look at this weekend's matchups.

Denver (2-0) at Boston (0-2), Saturday, 5/11 7:00 PM EST- It's put up or shut up time for the Cannons. The team's in danger of falling to 0-3 and it's defense that's been a little shaky this season is matched up with high powered Denver. The Outlaw's attack is just too good, I don't think this is the week the Cannons get back on track

Prediction: Denver 18 – Boston 12

Rochester (0-2) at Charlotte (1-1), Saturday, 5/11 7:00 PM EST-These two teams matchup for the second time in less than a week on Saturday. In the first matchup, the difference was the second half. Charlotte outscored Rochester 10-4 in those frames. Peet Poillon was on an absolute tear. He may be the hottest player in the league right now and that's why I like the Hounds.

Prediction: Charlotte 15-Rochester 14

Ohio (0-1) at Chesapeake (2-0), Saturday, 5/11 7:00 PM EST-What a tough draw to start the season for Ohio. First Denver, now Chesapeake? Well, at least it gets them out of the way. I like the Machine, but without many of it's young stars still, I don't think they can win this game this early in the season.

Prediction: Chesapeake 13-Ohio 6

New York (1-1) at Hamilton (1-0), Saturday, 5/11 7:00 PM EST

Late week, New York was without most of it's fire power. Mark Matthews returns to the team against the Nationals so expect a few more than 3 goals. Meanwhile, Hamilton's defense is good, but it's not sneaking up on anyone this week.

Prediction: New York 10-Hamilton 8